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farmer330.jpgThere are many specialist insurance products available in the Australian market. They are required to reduce the risks associated with unusual products that may be produced and the changed risk exposures that now exist.

The evolution of complex business arrangements and finance products mean that increasingly businesses are exposed to losses which may not be of a physical nature. There may be losses incurred due to currency fluctuations on the international markets and loss of contracts and penalties sought for non compliance or under performance of contract conditions.

There are also increased armed conflict and political risks from overseas countries. Many Directors and Employees are required to conduct business in countries where kidnap and ransom demands occur.

Whether it is insurance cover for a Farmer's crops, financial losses that may be exposed through an overseas event, the risk of kidnap or ransom, or a product recall; it is vital that every aspect of exposure is considered. Interpacific Insurance can help find the best insurance product to reduce the risks for your business. In the event that the exposure is not insurable, we are able to provide advice on the best ways to manage the risk.


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