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International Expatriate (Expat) Medical Insurance Broker

What is International Expatriate Medical Insurance Insurance?

Expatriate Insurance covers your employees while they are seconded on business outside their country of residence.

It provides coverage for medical expenses, access to 24-hour medical assistance and repatriation cover, for peace of mind for you and your staff.

Coverage includes:

Expat Medical Insurance

Why should I use Interpacific Insurance Brokers for Expat Medical Insurance?

Interpacific Insurance Brokers have over 30 years experience in finding the most comprehensive and cost effective insurance cover for our clients. We take the time to get to know you and your business and identify the risks and the amount of cover you require.

With access to a wide variety of insurance policies and providers, we are able to find the most comprehensive and competitively priced Directors and Officers Insurance Policies to suit your specific needs. We take the time to explain the “fine print” so that you have a clear understanding of your policy and any special circumstances that you may need to be aware of.

Interpacific Insurance Brokers strives to provide you with greater certainty and respond to the potential exposures of directors and officers of any size company. We provide expert advice that will help you cost effectively manage risks and give you the peace of mind that you are protected.