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Business Insurance Broker

Small and medium business enterprises represent the engine room of the Australian economy. They provide a vast array of goods and services to both the Australian population, other businesses and the world at large. The correct insurance cover is vital to allow these enterprises to continue after a loss. However, all too often the wrong advice is given to the business or a regular review of the businesses activities has not been undertaken. This often results in a claim being denied by an insurer or the business not being able to claim at all. Many are uninsured or have insufficient Business Interruption cover in place. This can lead to that business not being able to reopen if a loss occurs.

How does Interpacific Insurance Brokers Help?

Interpacific Insurance ensures a continual review of the current insurance covers are undertaken along with a review of the activities within your business. This is achieved by the continual monitoring of your business and regular visits to your business to ensure that you are adequately covered. This means that at at all times we are up to date and able to provide advice where necessary.

With access to a wide variety of insurance policies and providers, we are able to find the best policies to suit your business. We explain the “fine print” and provide you with peace of mind that your business is covered.

Business Insurance

Interpacific Insurance Brokers ensure that your business is protected. Our expert staff review your business to ensure that you have most comprehensive and cost effective business insurance.

Interpacific can help ensure that your business is protected in the event that a claim is made against you.
Does your business provide professional advice to clients? Are you and your business covered against potential claims?
Directors and Officers Insurance typically provides financial protection to Directors, Officers or Senior Managers against claims arising from their actions and decisions in their official capacity.
Whether you require insurance cover for your crops, product recall or other exposures; we can help reduce your risks.
Interpacific Insurance can provide cover for all Directors and Employees. Giving you piece of mind that your employees are covered anywhere in the world.
Full medical cover for Australian Expats living overseas. Find out how Interpacific Insurance can cover your employees.
Protecting your business from damage, theft, non-delivery or loss.